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Our mission

Our mission is to preserve and protect the wooden structure that supports the worlds largest energy system - as efficient as possible.



Our solution provides location data on faults, critical events and tear and wear for both poles and overhead lines that potentially will, or actually do cause power outages. .

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Wood pecker sitting on an electric pole


There are over 100 million woodpeckers breeding in the northern hemisphere, and they just love pecking on your poles. With Gridguard's patented AI-driven solution, we are actively preventing the damage caused by these little rascals without harm and with a lasting effect.

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Gridguards rich sensor data for pole and lines integrity over time is enabling better and more cost-effective operating and maintenance planning with the help of powerful AI.

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Man climbing power pole

How does it work?

Register the masts location in the app right there.- and perform a quick and easy install with the two included screws on the poles center height using climbing shoes and a power-tool. From there its own mesh network takes over and you are ready for the next installation

Collect condition data for predictive maintenance

Analytical tools and graphs is provided in Gridguards ISO27001 certified web based journal. With the option of powerful functions like GPT text summaries and anomaly analysis of wast amounts of time and GIS based data. API integration on demand.

Graphs and data on laptop screen
Trees falling over power lines

Locate faults fast!

Offering real-time fault assessment and precise location in apps GIS interface drastically reduces downtime and valuable time can be spent on repairs instead of locating when it matters the most.

Gridguard unit attached to a pole
Plug and play
Each unit is installed in less than 15 minutes
Impact resistant super durable Polycarbonate  IP 64 casing
Powered by sunlight and fire safe NiMH batteries endurance tested in Norways dark winters
Stainless Torx wood screws for quick deployment
Last generations encrypted mesh protocol
Tech Spec
versjon 1.01
153/111/35 mm
600 g
Energy technology
Photo voltaic combined with long endurance NickelMetal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.
Expected lifetime
10 -15 years
Super durable Polycarbonate. IP 64

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